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Korean student enrollments 2017 – 2018: 100% Visa straight

Korean student enrollments 2017 – 2018: 100% Visa straight

Korean student enrollments 2017 – 2018: 100% Visa straight

According to a new notification of the Ministry of Justice Korea, since 1 straight 7 male 2016, học sinh du học ở các trường đại học tại Hàn Quốc được miễn giảm hồ sơ và xin mã số visa ở Cục quản lý xuất nhập cảnh Hàn Quốc sở tại của trường đại học đó, visa directly within 1 straight.

With this new policy will be a good opportunity for all of you are interested in the Korean study abroad programs. So the HFC learn carefully about it this new policy.


Korean student enrollments 2017 - 2018: 100% Visa straight
Korean student enrollments 2017 – 2018: 100% Visa straight


I. Visa thẳng là gì – Hiểu đúng về Visa thẳng?

Visa misunderstand the meaning of the Straight is one of the most common misunderstandings of the students to learn about the Korean study. With false information on the Internet, lot you usually understand, Visa achieved without having to go through the interview stage of the Korean embassy visa is straight. However, This definition is not necessarily accurate.

To get the proper visa Straight, all students should apply to study Korean at the University of the field appraisal , who fled under 1%, CODE will be issued at the Korean VISA and time within 1 straight (including the time to apply for an invitation to enter schools until visa).

Hall ceremony full staff Intermediate School finance students in Hanoi and ceremony
Korean class opening ceremony month 7 male 2017


Process Visa applicants with HFC Straight:

step 1: Nộp hồ sơ vào những trường đại học Hàn Quốc được thẩm định có tỉ lệ bỏ trốn dưới 1%. (HFC will advise and help students choose the matching academic, family finances and personal aspirations).

step 2: Universities in South Korea will review the student's records, if records are accepted, student records will be sent to the Immigration Department of the province / city - where the field under. (Student records will be HFC invest time to prepare thoroughly the school review process will take place quickly and achieve results 100%).

step 3: Cục xuất nhập cảnh xét duyệt hồ sơ của học sinh lần nữa, if reached, Students will be awarded VISA CODE OF KOREA (expected processing time records <2 week).

step 4: Học sịnh nộp MÃ SỐ VISA HÀN QUỐC được cấp từ cục xuất nhập cảnh của Tỉnh/Thành Phố kèm theo một số giấy tờ khác nộp lên Đại sứ quán Hàn Quốc và Tổng lãnh sự quán Hàn Quốc tại Việt Nam.

step 5: Nhận Visa từ Đại sứ quán Hàn Quốc sau khoảng 01 week (do not have to apply and interview as before)

Korean student enrollments 2017 - 2018: 100% Visa straight
Korean student enrollments 2017 – 2018: 100% Visa straight


II. Ưu điểm của chương trình Tuyển sinh du học Hàn Quốc 2017 – 2018: 100% Visa straight

Program Korea with Visa to study Straight 100% started to be deployed in early June 7 help you lose a lot of time assessing the application, no more long queues squeeze scene at Embassies, no more waiting Visa scene in languishes. Special, Visa program for Straight 100% in HFC, you also enjoy countless benefits later:

- No age limit to participate

- Unlimited audience interrupted pathways

- Save time
- Do not require high academic
- Unlimited family finances

- Not difficult to prove income

- Does not require too high passbook

- No need thick dossier and was not interviewed at the Embassy
- Ensure Visa 100%

100 % Korean teachers to teach
100 % Korean teachers to teach

III. Danh sách trường đại học Hàn Quốc Tuyển sinh du học Hàn Quốc 2017 – 2018: 100% Visa straight

in Seoul: Elsewhere: University Gosin
Chungang University Chonbuk University University Kunsan
Ewha Women's University student University Chungbuk University Gimcheon
Dankook University Chungnam University Dongkuk University (Gyungji)
Dongkuk University Wonju National University Gangneung University Dongsin
University girls Duksung Hallym University University Baejae
Hanyang University University Hoseo Handong University
Konkuk University Jeonju University University Hanseo
Kookmin University University Jeju Honam University
Korea University Kangnam University University Kacheon
Kyunghee University University Kemyung University Baeseok
University of Seoul Konkuk University University Songsil
Sogang University Konyang University University Soonchunhyang
University Sungkyungwan Korea University (Tai Sejong Campus) University Sinla
Sungshin Women's University student University Kyongbuk Ajou University
Yonsei University Catholic University KWANDONG University Woosong
in Busan: Catholic University Inha University
Busan National University Institute of Science and Technology Ulsan National University Joongbu
University Tongmyong University Semyung Cheongju University
Dongseo University Yonsei University (Wonju) University of Pyeongtaek
University Kyongsung Aeronautical University Korea National Pedagogical University Korea
University Pukyong

To obtain such a visa Straight, meaning that you will apply to the Korean university appraised ratio fled under 1% above. The university is very confident Embassy to the approval dossier will be extremely tight and the application is not simple invitation. Besides, at the request of some schools, you will be interviewed to obtain the letter of admission, this requires you to have good Korean capital and be prepared carefully. However, with many years experience in records and student counseling, HFC will help you get closer to the dream of conquering the Korean Visa Straight:

  • Supports find priority school aspirations and your capacity
  • Korean language courses are trained by teachers Vietnamese and Korean teachers have extensive experience in teaching overseas students.
  • Arrange records to study, support 100% financial procedures.
  • The interview training session with full knowledge to you ready to interview the school's invitation.

Korean student enrollments 2017 - 2018: 100% Visa straight
Korean student enrollments 2017 – 2018: 100% Visa straight

Records in HFC, you will be guaranteed 100% Visa and Visa after new you have to pay. Register right information to the most specific advice about this Straight Visa program:

Station: Skull 2, Pho Lang Yen, Behind P.Bach, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi
Branch Nghe An: 166 Ngo Duc Ke. Painting room. Vinh City, Nghe An
Phone: 0242.28.28.666 – 0934.668.288 | Email:hanoifinance@gmail.com

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