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Korean vocabulary of pharmaceuticals

Korean vocabulary of pharmaceuticals

Korean vocabulary of pharmaceuticals

We study and entered Korean dictionary of yourselves: KOREAN VOCABULARY OF PHARMACEUTICAL


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Korean vocabulary of pharmaceuticals
Korean vocabulary of pharmaceuticals

1. pill (refine): tablets
2. capsule (capsule): capsules
3. powder (Approximately powder): powdered drugs
4. liquid medicine (Solutions): drench
5. About applying: topical
6. spray (Spray, sprayer): sprays
7. Injection (Injection): injections
8. medicine: drug
9. liquid medicine: drench
10. painkiller: analgesic
11. sleeping pills (soporific): sleeping pills
12. anesthetic (About paralysis): anesthetics
13. Anti-inflammatory drugs: drug prevention and treatment of infection
14. Antibiotic: antibiotics
15. cold medicine: flu drug
16. Headache: headache drugs
17. Sanitizer: insecticide, west, turtle
18. Paz (Pasta - Pasta): Non massage
19. Mulpaseu: liquid massage medicine
20. Restorative (Health claim): tonic
21. Diet pills: weight loss pills
22. Contraceptives: birth control pill
23. cold medicine: cold medicines
24. Cough: cough drops
25. Diet pills: weight loss pills
26. styptic: hemostatic drugs
27. Hoechungyak: Dewormers
28. About Dandruff: Non dandruff
29. peptic: gastrointestinal drugs
30. Gugeupyak: emergency medicine
31. Restorative: tonic
32. disinfectant: insecticide
33. Medicines: Preventive medicine
34. medicine for external use: topical drugs
35. Fetal nutrition: prenatal drug
36. Expectorant: disinfectant expectorant
37. Enemas: intestinal cleanser
38. Emetic: antiemetics
39. Hair dye (- Hair dye): hair dye
40. Gastrointestinal: stomach pain medication
41. Hair Supplements: hair tonics
42. Silver bullet: Special drugs
43. TB: asthma medicines
44. eyewash: eye drops
45. cardiac: heart tonic
46. Cancer drug: anti-cancer drugs
47. Hex: diarrhea medicine
48. Muscle adjuvant: drug increases muscle bloom
49. antidote: antidote
50. eye drops: eye drops
51. Antispasmodics: limited drug seizures
52. Parasite Repellent: anti-parasitic drugs
53. Cooper about fire (- Crude veteran fire): elixir of immortality
54. Motion Sickness Remedies: Anti-motion sickness medication
55. Blood pressure medication: blood pressure medicines
56. Ointment: ointment
57. fever remedy: antipyretics
58. Antibiotic: antibiotics
59. Chinese medicine: Chinese tradictional medicine
60. painkiller: analgesic
61. Anti-inflammatory drugs: anti-inflammatory drugs

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