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Hanyang University Admissions Study Learning by Doing

Hanyang University Admissions Study Learning by Doing

Hanyang University Admissions Study Learning by Doing

  1. English name: Hanyang University
  2. school logo: dai-hoc-hanyang-logo
  3. watchword: Love in trust and in deed
  4. Type: Private
  5. Ranking: top 6 among Korean universities
  6. Principal: Dr Lim Duck-ho
  7. Officers and employees: 1.048
  8. University students: 25.010
  9. Contacts postgraduate students: 9.400
  10. Location: Seoul - South Korea
  11. Website: http://www.hanyang.ac.kr/english/



Study in Korea – reputation – trust

Headquarters: Skull 2, Quiet, Bach Dang, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.

Branch Nghe An: 166 Ngo Duc Ke - Hong Son Ward - TP. Bay.

Web: trungcaptaichinhhanoi.edu.vn

Phone: 0242 28 28 666

INTRODUCTION Hanyang University

  • Hanyang University located in Seoul, with favorable weather easy for travelers or students to live and study here. The school has more than 20 with a team of specialized professors, Annual training large numbers of engineers, Doctors, BA ... with quality international education. The school has programs of higher education, transition to college and high school. There are also language training institute Korea for Korean students unknown.

Signed to Hanyang University
Signed to Hanyang University


  • Hanyang University located in the famous city of Seoul. Referring to the Korean people often think of a cold country. However, according to the share of students studied in Seoul, Korea just really cold when winter comes, here also 4 season and every season as Vietnam has a beauty of its own. The cold of Seoul although downhill York but not bitter and prosper as in Vietnam.
  • Coming to Seoul, the young people will also be immersed in a cultural space with extremely great roads brilliant cherry blossoms, Street food is very attractive ...

Signed to Hanyang University

  • Mainly transportation of students is the subway and bus. Two vehicles are consistent with students because very convenient and cheap. With 25.000 dong you've got a ride in the city. Buses and subways in Seoul is completely different compared to Vietnam by the cleanliness and safety on each trip.
  • As a student in Seoul, just as we traveled a long day in the capital of Korea to not skip any fun yet at here: Be immersed in the flow of people in the streets of Myeongdong shopping paradise, together enjoy street art at night in Hongdae, tasted the popular street food, eye-catching and delicious, Biking or walking along the Han River around day or night regardless and manually key in a lock love Namsan Tower - one of the symbols of Seoul ... it's unforgettable experiences for students while to the country of the Republic of Korea.



  • Hanyang University neck 2 The main training base:
  • Basis 1: 17 Haengdang-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea

Establishments in Seoul's Hanyang University

  • Basis 2: 1271 Sa-3 dong, Sangnok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, Korea



  • Hanyang University neck 96 university faculty training system, 87 Contacts postgraduate department and training center Korean international student ERICA

Training system


University Specialization (in Seoul) Technology university Department of Architecture, architectural engineering department, environmental engineering faculty building, urban management department, Natural Environmental Sciences, electronics and telecommunications department, Computer science, Faculty Information System, Electrical (Electronic, electrical engineering), new materials science, Application of new technologies (chemistry, nuclear engineering, Scientific applications of biotechnology) lockout, nuclear science, industrial engineering department
University Electronics and Telecommunications Electronics and Telecommunication (Information Technology, Mass Media, Business and technical information)
Medical University Nursing Faculty
University of Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty of Literature, foreign literature department and domestic, Cultural and language faculties China, German cultural Scientific language, cultural science in English, philosophy and history of science (polite, philosophy)
University of Social Sciences Sociology (Diplomatic and political science), administrative department, social science, press and communications department, Tourism department
University of Life Sciences Science and life (interior design, stylists, food nutrition)
Law University Faculty of law
University Specialization (in Seoul) University financial economics Financial Economics Department
University Business Faculty of Business
Pedagogical University Faculty of Education, engineering pedagogy, Faculty of Literature, English pedagogy, math pedagogy, art pedagogy
University of Natural Sciences Faculty of Natural Science (panoramic, physical, flower)
Conservatory Science instruments, Scientific writing, faculty piano, classical science, Traditional Korean music department
University sports Exercise Science, sports
International University International majors
University of Theatre and Cinema Histrionic, filming, season
University Specialization (in Ansan) Technology university Department of Architecture (architecture, technical) Technical Faculty bridge (systems engineering environment architecture, road and bridge engineering), electronic computer (electrical and information systems, power system, specializing in PC), chemical raw materials (material, chemistry), machines, economic information (technical factory, economic information)
University language and world culture Korean Science, Scientific literature courses, inner culture, Chinese science, Japanese culture department, Department of English, Faculty of French culture
University Communications & social science Public Communications (advertising department, Scientific information), TV journalism faculty of social information (Press TV, society)
University of Science and Technology Science and technology (Technical information update, geographic information techniques, chemical and technical information, Technical development of the ocean environment), Faculty comprehensive technical standards.
University economics and business administration Economics, accounting department
Art university Faculty of Design (metal design, industrial design, fashion, design technology, graphic design, picture)
University sports Fitness (physical education, water sport), dancing the dance art
Specialized postgraduate system Postgraduate system (Technical schools) Faculty building, urban design, Electronic systems environmental engineering, Faculty machinery, equipment - communications equipment, nuclear atomic science, Industrial Scientific, chemistry, technical, building department, Faculty of computer information systems, metal engineering, science bridge, Electrical, Faculty of Applied Chemistry, environmental architecture, economic information, chemical nano (chemical link), Technology (environmental links), technology preparations (Preparations industry links)
Postgraduate system (universities and humane society) Faculty of Literature, culture and science in English, Cultural and language faculties China, German cultural Scientific language, history department, faculty of philosophy, Faculty of Japanese culture and language, Faculty of French culture and language, science and human culture, Department of English, life, political science and foreign affairs, administrative department, social science, press and communications department, Tourism department, promote tourism department, law department, economics, economic financial flowers, economics, accounting department, credit department, Faculty of Economic Advisors, Faculty of Business Strategy, financial insurance department, education department, Technical education department, English education department, Faculty of Literature, education department, aesthetic design department
Specialized postgraduate system Postgraduate system (gifted school) Tonality, Traditional Korean music department, design department (stylist on canvas, metal, industry, Beauty, animation), Exercise science, Sports and Life Sciences, art life science, film and theater department, dance department
Postgraduate system (Natural universities) mathematics department, physics, Chemical Sciences, faculty students, nuclear engineering faculty, environmental engineering department, biochemistry department, Scientific management of the coastal environment, chemical science applications, physics applications, interior design department, stylists, food science, Nursing Faculty
Postgraduate system (Medical University) Health Sciences
Contacts Graduate-Professional International University - graduate system, Japanese literature and language department, Scientific American culture and language, Cultural and language faculties China, Russian literature and language department
Faculty of Business, bridge and urban development, urban design department - graduate system


For language courses, after the scheduled opening:

Semester Time to learn Deadline for submission of dossiers Proficiency tests


Spring 17/03 – 27/05 06/01 – 07/02 10:00 – 12/03
Summer 16/06 – 25/08 07/04 – 09/05 10:00 – 11/06
Autumn 15/09 – 25/11 07/07 – 08/08 10:00 – 10/09
Winter 15/12 – 27/02/2015 06/10 – 07/11 10:00 – 10/12


Spring 16/03 – 26/05 05/01 – 06/02 10:00 – 11/03
Summer 15/06 – 21/08 06/04 – 08/05 10:00 – 10/06
Autumn 14/09 – 23/11 06/07 – 07/08 10:00 – 09/09
Winter 14/12 – 26/02/2016 05/10 – 06/11 10:00 – 09/12


Korean training center at ERICA Hanyang University with special scholarship programs for students with good academic performance, Details are as follows:



Value scholarships

Hanyang Scholarship High-achieving students first, second and 3 among all remaining students Students are exempted 50%, 30% and 10% tuition


  • Enrollment fee : 50,000 won (no refund)
  • Tuition: 1,000,000 won (per semester 10 week)
  • The amount does not include the cost of participating in cultural classes and purchase of books
  • Tuition fees are only applicable for the year 2014 and can be changed for another year.


  • Hanyang is one of the top ranked and oldest Korean.
  • The school has a large team of professors and students.
  • The university has many departments and many different specialties with good facilities to create a learning environment best study for international students.
  • The school has the famous academy and works with the best research facilities Korea.
  • The school has its headquarters in Seoul - South Korea's capital city and a metro system convenient for public transportation for students.
  • A lot of celebrities are all big corporations such as Hyundai, Samsung, LG…. and the famous actress Lee Young-ae as ( Dae Jang Geum she starred in the historical drama of the same name is famous in Korea)
  • The school has several scholarships for domestic students and international

Contact consultant to have the opportunity to receive scholarships to study value !

School finance Hanoi

Add : Skull 2 – Quiet – Bach Dang – Hai Ba Trung – Hanoi

Tel : 0242.28.666

Email : hanoifinance@gmail.com


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