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Change list straight student visa cases Korea 2017

Korean student enrollment periods in the year

Change list straight student visa cases Korea 2017

After the success of the program Visa Straight - 100% achieve visa year 2016, Bộ Tư pháp Hàn Quốc tiếp tục áp dụng chương trình Visa Thẳng từ ngày 02 straight 03 male 2017 to five 2018.

Straight through Visa program, the quantity of students studying in Korea has doubled 4 times than before. Through the application of cutting procedures, file, interviews as well as proven financial, overseas student visa program easily and conveniently straight more than the non-priority visa.

In year 2017, HFC sẽ tiếp tục mở rộng danh sách trường visa thẳng liên kết để cung cấp cho học sinh thêm nhiều lựa chọn phù hợp với nguyện vọng và tài chính gia đình.


I. Lợi thế khi tham dự chương trình Visa thẳng với HFC

Straight visa program 100% đã đem số lượng học sinh du học Hàn quốc của HFC tăng nhiều bởi HFC là đơn vị uy tín được nhiều trường Visa thẳng chọn lựa để nhận học sinh. Student HFC không còn lo lắng bị trượt visa hay phỏng vấn, save a lot of time records, financial proved easier for the students wholeheartedly Korean Study, prepare a new life in South Korea. Besides, schools under the Visa Straight 100% in HFC, you also enjoy countless benefits later:

- Ensure visas to study in Korea 100%

- Aged study expanded

- Not limited to students with pathways interrupted

- Save time

- Pretty average learning capacity from older ensuring away

- No limit on the family financial conditions

- Free savings book and demonstrate proof of income support

- Does not require too high passbook

- No need thick dossier and not the interview at the Embassy of Korea

And special, you always have the opportunity to directly interview with the Korean university at the office HFC:


II. List of universities in Korea Visa priority 2017

in Seoul: Elsewhere: University Gosin
Chungang University Chonbuk University University Kunsan
Ewha Women's University student University Chungbuk University Gimcheon
Dankook University Chungnam University Dongkuk University (Gyungji)
Dongkuk University Wonju National University Gangneung University Dongsin
University girls Duksung Hallym University University Baejae
Hanyang University University Hoseo Handong University
Konkuk University Jeonju University University Hanseo
Kookmin University University Jeju Honam University
Korea University Kangnam University University Kacheon
Kyunghee University University Kemyung University Baeseok
University of Seoul Konkuk University University Songsil
Sogang University Konyang University University Soonchunhyang
University Sungkyungwan Korea University (Tai Sejong Campus) University Sinla
Sungshin Women's University student University Kyongbuk Ajou University
Yonsei University Catholic University KWANDONG University Woosong
in Busan: Catholic University Inha University
Busan National University Institute of Science and Technology Ulsan National University Joongbu
University Tongmyong University Semyung Cheongju University
Dongseo University Yonsei University (Wonju) University of Pyeongtaek
University Kyongsung Aeronautical University Korea National Pedagogical University Korea
University Pukyong

Me 70% trường visa thẳng liên kết với HFC và HFC được sự ủy quyền của các trường tuyển sinh, you will certainly 100% gain visas and study in the leading universities of Korea.

Other than those of the top universities not straight, the Embassy visa review applications and work closely extremely pleased to invite not simple. Besides, at the request of some schools, you will be interviewed to obtain the letter of admission, this requires you to have good Korean capital and be prepared carefully. However, with many years experience in records and student counseling, HFC sẽ giúp bạn tiến gần hơn đến giấc mơ chinh phục Visa Thẳng Hàn Quốc với:

  • Support find visa cases straight to expectations and capacities, Your financial condition
  • Korean language courses are trained by teachers Vietnamese and Korean teachers have extensive experience in teaching overseas students.
  • Arrange records to study, support 100% financial procedures.
  • Interview preparation classes with enough knowledge so that you are willing to interview the school's invitation.

Records in HFC, you will be guaranteed 100% Visa with reasonable costs, and after the new visa you must pay the entire. Register right information to the most specific advice about this Straight Visa program:


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