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Scholarship at Konkuk University

Accession Hanoi National University Finance Development Fund

Per banpuk Hanoi University of Finance Chairman of the 2017.5.25.(neck) We are preventing the college Min Sang-gi-General, And we have supported the Hanoi Finance University students who were studying in the deposit of the Development Fund $ 20,000.


Min Sang-gi-General's Development Fund Deposits expression only our history, though short exchange between the University and Hanoi University of Finance, The two institutions are greatly deepen friendly cooperative relations between the future through this event,, Noted that the origin of the eternal growth and development of the Hanoi University of Finance.

Meanwhile, Banpuk Party Chairman 2017.5.26(gold) Article 500 scholarships were delivered to the local campus University of Finance Students from six people won from Hanoi Cooperation cheojangsil and encourage international students to study.


Hanoi University of Finance in August 2012 was established in Hanoi, Vietnam, Student 500 people, 30 new universities, but small staff, A prestigious private university of the future potential and fast growing every year.

Hanoi University of Finance and our university has signed an agreement in August 2016, Currently more than 130 students were admitted to our university to.

PR Contact : hongbo@kku.ac.kr

Konkuk University Glocal Campus External Relations Team

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