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[Hfc new] Coursework not transfer visas E7

[Hfc new] Coursework not transfer visas E7

[HFC News] Coursework not transfer visas E7 (South do stay long)

Recently, the Korean Ministry of Justice announced 85 career (discipline is also trades) for foreign manpower is allowed transition to VISA E7 if eligible (male 2017 neck 84 career). Meaning that other professions are not in 85 this work, the profession is not transferred to the visa E7. So the students learn the industry are not 85 This industry is not a priority switch E7 visa. Examples of disciplines not be transferred to the E7's visa: specialized beauty, Skin Care…( Do not avoid studying pugwa).

Coursework not transfer visas E7(South do stay long)
Coursework not transfer visas E7(South do stay long)


So you see 85 switch to visa category E7 - Translated (The original version of the Korean judiciary announced below). As for sectors not included in 85 trades shall not be transferred to the visa E7 (there are cases still moving but very difficult).

Classify Job ( Code standard occupational classification Korea ) Note
Professional workforce (67 task ) Senior professor of economic interest groups (S110) Manage (15 task)
Senior executive (1120)
Support Sales Director (1212 - before 1202)
Director of Education (1312)
CFO and insurance (1320)
Cultural management , art , design and video (1340)
Director of Information and Communication (1350)
Manage other professional services (1390)
Build & Related mining management (1411)
Director of production (1413)
Agricultural Management , Seafood (14901)
Sales management and sales (1511)
Transportation management (1512)
Motel , travel , recreation and sports management (1521)
Food service manager (1522)
Experts Life Sciences (2111) Experts, engineer, technicians and related personnel (52 task)
Science Professionals (2112)
Institute of Social Sciences (2122)
Technician computer hardware (2211)
Telecommunications technicians engineering (2212)
Design and analysis of computer systems (2221)
Software developer system (2222)
Software developer applications (2223)
Web Developer (2224 - before 2228)
Expert Data (2231 - before 2224)
development network (2232 - before 2225)
the information security expert (2233 - before 2226)
Architect (2311)
Technicians and technical architecture (2312 - newly established )
experts civil construction (2313 - before 2312)
technicians Scene (2314 - before 2313)
Experts city and traffic (2315 - before 2314)
Chemical engineer (2321)
Technicians metals and materials (2331)
electrical engineering technician (2341 - before 2351)
Electronics Technician (2342 - before 2352)
technician mechanic (2351 - before 2353)
engineering technicians factory (23512 - before 23532)
Robotics experts (2352)
Automobile experts , building , aircraft and rail vehicle engineering (S2353)
Risk management and industrial safety (2364)
technical engineering environment (2371 - before 2341)
Gas , Energy Technician (2372 - before 9233)
Textile engineer (2392)
Drawer (2395 - before 2396)
Nurse (2430)
University faculty (2512)
College of Engineering faculty abroad (2543)
education specialists (2391 - before 25919)
Teachers of schools abroad , educational establishments abroad , the international arena , the gifted and talented schools (2599)
Legal experts (261)
Government experts and public administration (2620)
Special agent staff (S2620)
Expert management and diagnostics (2715)
Financial experts and insurance (272)
Specialist product planning (2731)
Developers of tourism products (2732)
Advertising and PR (2733)
Expert (2734)
Plan an event (2735)
Salespeople abroad (2742)
Technical Sales Department (2743)
Technical management experts (S2743)
Translate , interpreter (2814 - before 2812)
Broadcaster (28331)
Designer (285)
Designer Related video (S2855)
Workforce semiprofessional (9 occupation ) Duty free shops or salesperson City Jeju English Education (31215) Office:, officer (5 task )
Air transportation secretary (31264)
Hotel receptionist (3922)
Health Coordinator (S3922)
Clerical Customer Care (3990) - Lines of newly added
Workers transport services (431) Service: Employees, worker (4 task )
Interpreter guide tourist (43213)
Dealer casino (43291)
Chef and cooking (441)
Workforce skilled (9 occupation ) Seafood features agricultural and livestock skilled (S610 - ago 610) Agriculture, forestry and fishery workers (3 task )
Pedigree animals (61395)
Sea cucumber farming (63019)
Halal slaughter plant (7103) Persons skilled labor and related (6 task)
Fabrication and tuning devices (7303)
skilled industry functional root ball (S740 - ago 740)
Manufacturers in general and construction companies craftsmen (S700 - ago 700)
Welder Shipbuilding (7430)
Aircraft maintenance (7521)

Translation errors can top. Attention: Stocks in the sector (….) exactly, While studying the brain would have such industry code.

See more original by Korean Ministry of Justice announced the exact:

Specific activities(E-7) Visa Job Status(Including new jobs 85dog)

division Occupations(Korea Standard Classification code representation) Remarks
end. Professionals (67Occupations) Economic interest groups, senior executive(S110) manager (15Occupations)
Corporate executives(1120)
Business Support Manager(1212 phrase(old)1202)
Training Manager(1312)
Insurance and Financial Manager(1320)
culture·art·Design and image-related managers(1340)
Telecommunications-related managers(1350)
Other Professional Services Manager(1390)
Construction and mining manager(1411)
Production manager Related(1413)
Agriculture, Forestry·Fisheries-related managers(14901)
Sales managers and sales-related(1511)
Transportation-related managers(1512)
lodgment·Travel·Entertainment and sports administrators(1521)
Food services manager(1522)
Life science professionals(2111) Experts and practitioners (52Occupations)
Science Professionals(2112)
Social Sciences(2122)
Computer Hardware Technician(2211)
Telecommunications Engineering Technician(2212)
Computer systems design and analysts(2221)
Systems Software Developer(2222)
Application Software Developers(2223)
Web Developer(2224 phrase(old)2228)
Data Expert(2231 phrase(old)2224)
Network system developer(2232 phrase(old)2225)
Information security specialists(2233 phrase(old)2226)
Construction Engineering Technician(2312-newly open)
Civil engineering experts(2313 phrase(old)2312)
Landscape engineers(2314 phrase(old)2313)
City and transportation experts(2315 phrase(old)2314)
Chemical engineering technicians(2321)
metal·Material Engineering Technician(2331)
Electrical Engineering Technician(2341 phrase(old)2351)
Electronics Technician(2342 phrase(old)2352)
Mechanical Engineering Technician(2351 phrase(old)2353)
Plant Engineering Technician(23512 phrase(old)23532)
Robotics expert (2352)
car·Shipbuilding·airplane·Rail Vehicle Engineering Professionals(S2353)
Occupational Safety and Risk Manager(2364)
Environmental engineering technicians(2371 phrase(old)2341)
gas·Energy engineer(2372 phrase(old)9233)
Textile Engineering Technician(2392)
Drafters(2395 phrase(old)2396)
University lecturers(2512)
Overseas Technical College Technical Trainer(2543)
Education experts(2391 phrase(old)25919)
International schools·Foreign institutions·International School·Teachers such as Academy(2599)
Government and public administration professionals(2620)
Special administrative agency personnel(S2620)
Management and Diagnosis Expert(2715)
Finance and Insurance Professionals(272)
Merchandising specialists(2731)
Travel developers(2732)
Advertising and public relations professionals(2733)
Research professionals(2734)
Event organizers(2735)
Overseas Sales circles(2742)
Technical Sales circles(2743)
Knowledge Management Specialist(S2743)
translator·Interpreters(2814 phrase(old)2812)
Video Related Designers(S2855)
I. Associate professionals (9Occupations) Duty Free Jeju English Education City, or my sales clerk(31215) Office workers (5Occupations)
Air transport clerk(31264)
Hotel Reception Clerk(3922)
Medical Coordinator(S3922)
Customer service clerk (3990)
Transportation services workers(431) Service workers (4Occupations)
Tour guide interpreters(43213)
Casino dealer(43291)
Chefs and cooks(441)
All. Skilled workforce (9Occupations) Skilled agricultural and livestock fisheries feature(S610 nine(old)610) Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Livestock Workers (3Occupations)
Animal keepers(61395)
Sea cucumber farming technicians(63019)
Halal slaughter sources(7103) Craft and related workers functionality (6Occupations)
Instrument manufacturers and tuners(7303)
Roots industry skilled tradespeople(S740 nine(old)740)
General manufacturers and construction companies skilled tradespeople(S700 nine(old)700)
Shipbuilding Welder(7430)
Aircraft jeongbiwon(7521)


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