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Daegu University – Trường Code Visa Top 1%

Daegu University – Trường Code Visa Top 1%

DAEGU UNIVERSITY – Trường Code Visa Top 1%

Middle School Finance Hanoi [HFC] Mã code visa là gì? Korean student visa code how? Benefits of visa ZIP code Nothing? All will be HFC giải đáp nhằm giúp các bạn học sinh, Students wishing want to study Korean but do not fully understand the visa code. Special, Daegu University's Graduate School of mot in cases Top 1% granted Visa Code and this Code is the partner of our HFC.

Daegu University Campus
Daegu University Campus

Visa ZIP code What is studying Korean?

Mã code Visa là một mã số được cục xuất nhập cảnh cấp sau khi người yêu cầu đủ điều kiện xin visa nhập cảnh để tham gia sinh hoạt và học tập tại các ngôi trường Đại học tại Hàn Quốc. Visa that you are Korean immigration office for your country is the student visa.

When the visa code synonymous with your passport and your information are licensed to enter the country that. Your job is waiting for that country's embassy closed passport visa for you alone.

Benefits of ZIP code What is Visa?

Mã code display là mã được ưu tiên cấp visa (visa) in the fastest time.
Priority over the visa in some cases: the number of visa excessive paperwork through normal procedures, case to be considered under the provisions,..v.v ... v ....(the Embassy informed of visa procedures for priority in some cases and special situation).

University of Daegu University

One of the Top 1% Visa is granted Code Code famous Daegu University. Daegu University of Seoul bustle than 2 hours by train and the city of Busan near 1h by train.
School traffic conditions are favorable, with high-speed trains and rail transport routes connecting convenience importance of Korea, While this is the traffic connecting the two cities of Seoul and Busan, South Korea. Daegu become important and are invested and join other major cities in South.

Trường Đại học Daegu University was established in 1956, School quality is assessed well trained and have the support regime scholarship students. So với các trường đại học có bề dày lịch sử và quá trình phát triển lâu dài thì University of Daegu là trường có quy mô nhỏ hơn. However, investment in quality training by teaching staff have extensive experience, dedicated education. School intensive training in the field of international and language, since its establishment, University has made achievements and contributed significantly to the promotion of international exchange, rút ngắn khoảng cách giữa các quốc gia trong khu vực Châu Á. University of Daegu nâng cao kiến thức của sinh viên kiến thức chuyên ngành của sinh viên và tạo cho họ những động lực trong học tập và công việc cùng sự năng động và nhiệt huyết.


Daegu is the first school in Korea training earliest undergraduate country.
School was selected as the University quality technical education, technology, law, administrator, công nghệ thông tin…..

Present, Daegu University - have 2 facility located at :
• Daegu - largest city 3 Korean

• Gyeongsan - 1 hour bus ride from Daegu.

Daegu has more schools 1340 trainers, than 300 staff, the number of Vietnamese students in the school constantly increasing in recent years should admin no specific figures, but certainly more current 50 student.
Conditions for participation in graduate school to upper secondary level or higher. If attendance Masters and PhD should have certificates of English and Korean, equivalent qualification in subjects studied.

HFC leaders gave gifts for you students at the University of Daegu University
HFC leaders gave gifts for you students at the University of Daegu University

II. Education program.

1. University.
Daegu University has 2 University enrollment period for the students that in May 3 and May 9.
All students need to have a certificate TOPIK 3 above.
• The education sector:
- Business Administration, Law, Management.
- Engineering - Technology.
- Sector Design - Art.
- Pedagogy sector.
- Preschool education, high school….
- Linguistic sector.
If you have by College, have learned 2 five related subjects can send information to the Daegu to consider transferring to the University campus nhé.
• Tuition: 2600 – 3800 USD / 1 STATES.

2. Contact Master, Doctor.
• Admission to the month 3 and May 9 annual.
• Prerequisites: University formal 4 year in the host country to attend the Master System.
• For Dr., need a Masters Degree 2 year and qualified TOPIK 6 school.
• Tuition:
- Contact Master: 3200 – 5000 USD / 1 STATES.
- Contact Dr.: 3400 – 5200 USD / 1 STATES.

3. Korean system.
• When participating in learning in school, you will be trained to degree level Korean language 1 Level up 6 , The highest level of the current Korean.
• Students will implement tests to choose the appropriate input layer.
• Learning includes 4 sign 1 male.
• You'll admission: straight 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 annual.
• Learn from th 2 to Friday 6, Day 4h nhé.
• Tuition:
- Admission Fee: 50.000 won
- Tuition 1 male: 5.400.000 won
- Dormitory 1 male: 1.300.000 won
- Insurrance + Other: 260.000 won
- total : 7.010.000 won ~ 145tr vnđ.
(This amount may vary according to the period).

4. Dormitory

• University of Daegu University - South Korea 대구 대학교 3 suites dormitory for students, equipped with modern equipment.
• Double or three price is 1,500,000 ~ 2,000,000 / 1 male, excluding meals.
• You can cook if outside, dorm room, you can also eat at the cafeteria.


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