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Steps Korean student visa.



1/ Visa Types

Korean student visa is divided into 2 Different Types, as follows:

  • D2 Visa - for Secondary Education Program (Regular Educational Program)

This is the visa for students to participate in formal training programs include University, Master, PhD or academic programs, researchers trained by the College, University, Academy legitimacy of the Korean Government.

  • Visa D4 - for Vocational Training Program (General Training)

This is the visa for students to participate in training programs in Korean, Vocational courses, apprenticeship or college at the College, University, Academy legitimacy of the Korean Government.

Fish 2 This visa type are characterized as follows:

    • Processing fee: 30 USD


  • Deadline, leadtime: 1 male. Each year close to the Visa expires, Students will undergo procedures for visa extension at the Korea without returning to Vietnam.
  • Steps Visa:





  • Students Embassies direct interviews by appointment



  • Students to get results at the Embassy Visa upon receipt of notification.


CHÍNH SÁCH VISA DU HỌC HÀN QUỐC  , Các bước xin Visa du học Hàn Quốc.
Steps Korean student visa.


2/ Một số điểm cần lưu ý về VISA POLICY STUDY IN KOREA


  • Demonstrate financial:

Former, to demonstrate the financial capability to study Korean when, The students should have a savings book worth minimum 10,000 USD with minimum effect 6 months prior to sending documents to the Embassy.

However, bắt đầu từ ngày 1/9/2015, the value of savings certificates is required has increased 15,000 USD for the degree course. At the same time, window effect will be reduced - just ask 3 months before the dossier is sent to the Embassies. This is a great vantage point for families of students than in the past in the preparation of financial records.

Apart from saving book, students will need to add these records to prove the family's financial resources as the business registration, tax papers, financial report,…(for family business), validation work, labor contracts, payroll,…(for office workers),…

  • Legalization procedure qualification

Former, many universities in Korea will accept review transcripts and diplomas translated / notary from the competent authority notarized in Vietnam. However, to the present time, most schools have asked the entire transcript and the highest qualifications of students must be legalized by the Embassy of Korea. This legalization procedures to confirm the authenticity, orthodoxy in the education records of students.

With a record number of student visa Korea growing, This procedure can last up to 3 – 4 week. So, students need to conduct the necessary procedures to obtain confirmation of this legalized as soon as possible (5 – 6 last month enrollment period); avoid prolonged processing time records, led to a missed term of school enrollment.

  • Benefits overtime

In the process of learning in Korea under D2 and D4 presence Visa, Students will be allowed to work up to 20 hours / week during semester and full time during vacation. However, you will need a Korean to get a job more smoothly. Usually after coming from South Korea 3 – 6 straight, you absolutely can start doing work experience and financial support portion for learning.

  • Visa Interview

When a student visa to Korea, most students will need to direct interviews with representatives of the Embassies. The students have Korean or English, interviews will be conducted in the same language. Private school students with courses in Korean, no language in Vietnam, Embassies will be interviewed by Vietnamese and check some basic knowledge of Korean (CEO: introduce yourself, Read count,…)

The Center also cooperated with agencies, unit training tangle Korean request (special arrangement)
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