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9 Things to note about Korean Study


9 Things to note about Korean Study


Study in South Korea are increasingly many young people choose, by education of South Korea this into the kind of regional excellence. The quality of education in Korea was among the top in Asia and among the top 5 countries with high levels of investment in education.


Korean language is relatively easy to learn, đặc biệt teen nào đi Study in South Korea they knew scholarship program for students, many international students. However, "Enter the country depending continue", go anywhere you have to learn thoroughly about the admission requirements, finance, school records ... and beautiful culture of the host country anymore. Here's 9 Things to keep in mind if you want to Korean student.

1. Admissions

Conditions for you to study Korean Korean specialty that you have graduated from high school in the country. If you want to attend a college or university, you have graduated from high school and below 24 fresh. And then you have to learn High School graduate domestic related majors, below 30 fresh.


Study in South Korea – 9 Things to note

Normally a student needs to study Korean accounts or savings books from 10.000 – 30.000 Dollars in the bank to guarantee you a safe living standards.
2. Financial conditions
For self-study you need an account statement from the most recent month with more financial guarantees 10.000 USD or certified documents to transfer money to Korea some money 10.000 USD or the same amount of money wire transfer. And a guarantor for you to have registration papers' owners or certificates are employed, Tracking the property tax payment, and paper financial guarantee commitments

Wish them good study
Students monthly 9/2016

For study abroad scholarships you need to have a certificate of scholarship.

Conditions of accommodation and living in South Korea country also has the disparity between regions, often about 400.000-500.000 won / month you can have a fairly comfortable life.

3. Necessary application

You need to prepare the dossiers for Korea to study abroad include:
• Application for admission
• By high school graduates apply for college if Korea
• college diploma or university if higher education admission system in Korea
• The academic results at the highest level of education achieved
• Two letters of recommendation in which a letter is written by professor
• Certificate of recognition you fluent in Korean or official TOEFL scores
• The study plan
• The introduction of yourself
• Records of the work already done (for students of sports or the arts)
• Support of schools


Attractions in South

You can get 300.000 won / month for undergraduate and 330.000 won / month for doctoral. However, you will not have to pay any sum other than such minor services 30.000 Facility in the dormitory of the school money. In the hostel there's some gym Gym, pool ... for students.

4. Admission procedures

Former, you may or may not have in English, professors can guarantee repayment before you and after that you can admission. But since 2005, you must present a new point of English before they can enroll in school.

5. Overtime


Time jobs overseas students

One of the compelling reasons for students, international students to study in Korea is that the job opportunities. Here average a student will be allowed to add 20 giờ/tuần trong suốt khoá học và trong các kỳ nghỉ của trường. And earnings per hour worked here in between 5den 7 USD. So, outside of class time in school students can still go to work and have enough money to cover his personal life.

6. Scholarship

University scholarship money awarded to students with excellent academic results. And the value of the scholarship may vary based on the learning outcomes of each semester of your. South Korea's Ministry of Education to provide a scholarship program for international students from countries where Korea has a bilateral cultural agreement.


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Foreign Students Study Abroad Scholarship Korea is responsible for trying to contribute to strengthening the friendship and relationship with Korean contacts in many different areas such as education and official exchanges now on Around the world.

7. visa

First, you have to apply for student visa at the Embassy or Consulate of Korea in the host country. To be granted a Visa, the students, Students must submit the relevant documents such as: admission notice, Paper sponsored recognized ...

As for students, students who want to extend, must first apply for visa extension in the office of the Korea Immigration. If you do not comply with this condition, they will be fined for violating Korean laws on immigration.


8. Accommodation and travel

In each Korean universities have dormitories for students, student. But the school will not have enough room for all students who want to stay in school. Therefore, if you want to stay in the dormitory of the University must register early.



Public transport is very convenient Korea's cheap and just about 600 Won / times. In Seoul, we have, Pusan ​​are so many subway network. You can also use a taxi or drive yourself to school. But in Korea, the traffic congestion in large cities is very serious, If possible, you should use the public car will move faster.

9. Some experience studying and living in South

School professor who decided all, if you do not meet some requirements of the universities want to study the professor can guarantee you. So, you should contact them when admission is extremely important.
You need to prepare some basic knowledge of the Korean language and culture to be able to survive in everyday life.
You need to be prepared to work independently and good health platform.


Of the three basic elements of life as housing, clothing and food, the change in eating habits have an impact on a lot of Korean people. Rice remains the staple food of many Koreans, but in the current environment that many people prefer Western cuisine. Koreans usually eat rice with other foods, mainly green vegetables seasoned, soup, pot stews and meat.

And traditional meals of Korean indispensable dish kimchi, a dish made from various pickled vegetables such as cabbage, radish, green onions and cucumbers. Certain types of kimchi are added spice by adding a red chili powder, while some others do not mix it with paprika which are soaked in a tasty solution. However, garlic is always used in kimchi Koreans to increase the taste for it.

Any questions about the program Korean student hay các thông tin về chương trình học bổng Korean student 2016 , bạn có thể liên hệ với chúng tôi hoặc trực tiếp đến văn phòng Skull 2, Romantic City yen, Bach Dang, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi để hiện thực hóa giấc mơ của mình.

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