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5 Sliding your reasons to study Korean VISA, part 2


5 Sliding your reasons to study Korean VISA, part 2


Korean student visa difficult or not? Reason that many students, VISA interview students to study Korean slipping? In the previous article we showed you some of the reasons why some students, Students from sliding when the Korean student visa. Down here, you will be added some further reason for you to slip VISA.

Study in South Korea
Study in South Korea

3. Respondents weak

Interview results are a prerequisite to have a big impact on a student visa Your Korea. Places a student visa interview as South Korea Embassy… The certificate will always after each interview. But this does not tell the interviewer your result is good or not and easy to make you misunderstand that you've interviewed well and will be issued VISA.


To remedy this, you should prepare for the skills and common questions when interviewing for a student visa Korea. Even more important is the expression of good Korean capital and answer fluently, passionate about studying Korean dream to impress her well with the interviewer.

4. Not prove sufficient financial resources

The errors you may encounter when prove their financial resources as: no proven relationship between his personal and financial payments, tri passbook insufficient pay. At the same time, you should pay attention to the exchange rate of the money because it can affect the number of accounts in your bankbook in bank.


Sometimes you have calculated in Vietnam dong enough but when translated into Korean currency, currency depreciation can do your passbook go missing. To ensure passbook when making their financial proof for studying Korea, Public opinion you should add some money to the account number that the school required.

5. Korean capital is not good

Each country will have different requirements for foreign language input when the Korean student visa. If you you have high points total but one 4 listening skill, pot, poison, Your writing is too low, it can also affect the South Korean student visa.


If you are not confident with their Korean capital, you can attend some pre-university courses or pre-master before.

Above all the reasons why you slipped VISA interview Korean student, any comments questions you can contact us for inquiries earliest.

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